Handcrafted Far Away From Congestion, Pollution, And Potatoes

Pau Maui is the only ultra-premium vodka crafted from Hawaiian pineapples. While there is no hint of pineapple flavor in the finished product, the Maui Golden ® pineapple provides a nice, clean mash to start from. Once distilled, it is mixed with crystal clear Hawaiian spring water. We take great care in what goes into our vodka – and more importantly, what does not.

Before It Fills Your Glass, It Starts In Ours

Our one-of-a-kind glass stills are the brainchild of master distiller Mark Nigbur, designed to create the purest, cleanest vodka in the world. By nature, vodka is supposed to be a clean spirit. But once it touches a traditional copper pot still, its taste is forever altered. Our laboratory-grade glass has a neutral ph and a cleanliness that allows the vodka to be distilled in its pure natural state.

Mark Nigbur, Master Distiller

For Pau Maui, Mark set out with one goal in mind. To create an ultra-premium vodka that has no equal. Blending his specialized laboratory expertise with true artisan mastery, Mark designed his own glass stills to use in the distillation of Pau Maui vodka. Mark and his apprentice, Cory Nigbur, stand behind every step taken to produce Pau Maui. The two men carefully monitor the mash in small batches until it is ready to be distilled into arguably the purest vodka you will taste.

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