Why a great vodka comes from Maui

How does looking at the ocean with the trade winds blowing through your hair in Hawaii make you feel?

The Maui Gold® pineapples we use for PAU Maui Vodka share a similar experience every day for nearly 2 years.

And with our upcountry Maui distillery located directly across from the fields, every bottle of PAU Maui Vodka naturally captures Hawaii in a bottle.

Before it fills your glass,

It starts in ours

Key to the purity and smoothness of PAU Maui Vodka is the glass.

Glass is at the forefront of our ideals.

We believe vodka is best served in glass, delivered to your table in glass, and distilled in one-of-a-kind glass stills.

When we created the vodka, we got to a point where we had developed the smoothest vodka...and it was finished. We were "pau".

Mark Nigbur, Master Distiller